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Once again in gargleblasted, there was a meme for NaNoWriMo, since we're all lazy assholes. I took prompts with the condition that each scene had to be set to a color and, naturally, the only ones I'm fond of involve Takasugi. Derp. Ironically, all of them are pre-canon! ...Well, Pre-Game anyway.

Winter in Kyoto and alizarin, requested by Xy.

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Joui4, various shades of green. Two happy moments and one that isn't. "Sins and seeds." Requested by Rabid.

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Shinsuke Takasugi/Lady Une crossover set taking place on the S.S. Thor that will mirror Robyn's once she's done with hers, which will get linked.

Dunno about warnings/etc. yet, but will be updated as I finish this.

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Incomplete! Something I'm working on slowly, but I figure I'll upload what I get done as I get it done.

All of these involve sex so obviously the rating is high. And it's Genkaku and Badou so there's a lot of hideous.

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They are oldest --> newest ... obviously ... /)_(\ ...

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08 June 2010 @ 12:26 am
Two random freeverses for the junkpile.

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Complete! Once again for the Kink Meme @ gargleblasted. It wasn't originally requested by her, but it's pretty much written for Park. 8) The Request (including addendums) is here.

It is also way more tl;dr than I had intended.

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For Kai. 8)

Was written pretty much entirely in my IE browser on the desktop so for the love of God please ignore typoes and misspellings. And ugh I couldn't get Family Force 5 outta my head while writing this. YA LOOKIN' KINDA ANXIOUS WITH YA BACK UP AGAINST THE WALL~ DON'T THIS KINDA MUSIC MAKE YA WANT TO MOVE AT ALL~? sob

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Ugh god fuck. This ship is ... just. I can't even.


oh my god rabid fuck you for being a constant inspiration YOU ARE GOING TO DRAIN ME DRY YOU FUCKING INCUBUS.

(it'll be like the best creative orgasm i ever had.)

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I think G/B officially needs its own tag.

... They ain't gettin' it, either way. Fuck you two.

Really stupid short drabble Rabid convinced me to upload.

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27 February 2010 @ 04:45 pm
This is for the men in my life. Ben and Jerry, whose comfort I always seek despite myself. Rod McKuen, whose poems always evoke something out of me. Sky, because even if I were blind I would find a way to smudge his glasses his every visit. Jeff, who turned fifty today. My Father ... who never fails to try. Charlie, my coworker, who pisses me off just to see if he can make me smile again. Seth, who finally asked for my number.

And, of course, all you boys on the internet, who help shape my adulthood and my womanhood from across boarders.

I am not tired of any of you, although I am exhausted with all of you.

I also believe this may have been subconsciously inspired by Eden's writing, whose freeverse styles never cease to amaze me. Here's to you, love. Although you are not a man ...

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I hope this rips you apart.

For Rabid and written with this fucking song on repeat that it broke my soul, okay.

"You got some kinda nerve, takin' all I want..."

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For salve 's birthday present. I actually started this foreeeever ago, but I promised I'd finish it just for her for her birthday. Apologies that it's two hours late, baby. >:

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22 November 2009 @ 12:41 am
These were made just for Raffles; please don't use without her permission. ♥ Art is from this site.

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Vincent wrote Cloud/Leon.

Zack wrote Cloud/Squall.

I felt compelled write Leon/Squall. A few references tie into those two fics given to me (and just me~~ ♥) , and onnnly they will probably get it. Enjoy, boys.

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18 September 2009 @ 07:02 am
So Raaj and I were discussing lack of Kingdom Hearts Cloud icons. Thus, I went on the hunt. Most of these are Kingdom-Hearts-Centric, and nearly all are Cloud-Centric. Some are ganked from various doujins (Yubinbasya's works, HoneyBlade, and Positron) and I colored a few, and may color the rest later. That being said, some of these may be NSFW.

Ask for any sauces and I can supply! ... I think. A quick dA search, or sifting through GARAKUTA would do it!

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15 September 2009 @ 02:48 am
Becky asked me for these, as she's apping KH!Sephiroth into Amat! Some of them are lame, but some are pretty good shots, I think. I hope you enjoy, bb! ♥♥

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09 September 2009 @ 04:34 pm
Various Roleplay Applications. Idea shamelessly ganked from Nino. All criteria in the comments.